We are enabling the role of digital in the social sector to inspire change and create impact.

About matchstick studio.

Matchstick Studio is a lean agency founded 5 years ago on the belief that impact matters far more than profit. Our sweet spot is working primarily in the social sector and among innovative ventures. We have a wealth of experience navigating elaborate structures and multi-stakeholder projects. We understand the challenges and issues you’re working to solve and we invest deeply in your outcomes. When we work with you, we move quickly beyond being just a service provider to a passionate extension of your team. We build long lasting beneficial relationships with everyone we work with. Your growth is our growth.

We're fortunate to have worked with fantastic clients from across the globe in over 6 countries on web development and design.
Our Approach

We listen and understand our clients' requirements fully, focus on building long term beneficial relationships with them and demonstrate professionalism, integrity and respect in our interaction.

Our Mission

To amalgamate the best current and future technologies and digital solutions for progressive social and economic development in our communities.

Our Values.

We are
Open-minded adjective

willing to consider new ideas; unprejudiced.
synonyms: unbiased, unprejudiced, prejudice-free, accepting, non-partisan, neutral, non-aligned, non-judgemental, non-discriminatory, anti-discrimination, objective

We are
Resourceful adjective

having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties.
synonyms: ingenious, imaginative, inventive, creative

We are
Accountable adjective

required or expected to justify actions or decisions; responsible, able to be explained or understood
synonyms: responsible, liable, answerable, explicable

Keep it real informal

to be genuine, unaffected, or honest.
synonyms: sincere, true, unfeigned, unpretended, heartfelt, from the heart, unaffected, earnest, wholehearted, fervent, honest, truthful